Site operators must analyze data and understand user requirements

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on the Internet in 2013 has been in a period of no matter is a dragon and a tiger in combat, the Internet leading enterprise competition, or a small station as rivals efforts, we found that the increasingly fierce competition, more and more out of the. For most of the website operators, we may just a case of coincidence you enter this industry, we may not understand the website operation, do not know how to promote, do not know how to profit. What you want to say is that you can’t understand this, but you have to know how to analyze the data and understand the user’s needs.

, no matter what the site, the most fundamental or user. So many friends say that whoever has a user will be better off and gain more profits. So for the website operators, how many people to truly understand the needs of users? Believe that for most of the webmaster friends, on the site prior to the construction we really expect is for customer service, to help solve the problem of more users, certainly have their own selfishness: profit. However, why do you work hard, but do not get high flow?. (most people think that web traffic is popular) because it’s simple, you don’t really know your users.

1: analyze your users using web statistics tools.

, for web operators, believes that most people have statistical tools installed, but how many people actually analyze their own web stats?. Even a lot of people don’t know what data to watch. Even if you look at the data, we see that the number of IP, PV how much?. How can such a meaningful view? For statistical tools, we also look at the following aspects: at least users search words, enter the page, visited pages, user groups, bounce rate, residence time, conversion rate, only to see and understand the user needs, it can provide better service. Of course, the webmaster statistical tool was a commonly used analysis tool, we can also according to the website user activity, the official website of the QQ group of users is subject to better determine their own website to the real needs of users.

two: what exactly does the user need?.


through statistical analysis of user tools, will understand their own website users interested in what we love what, from here we could truly understand the needs of users. Today, and stood in a row to chat, also talked about the user needs to take at present we do more webmaster website, enter the webmaster website users basically is three requirements: quiz, promotion and profitability. In fact, we entered the webmaster forum to so simple, they want to know my website snapshot not update how to do, I didn’t do the website ranking, although not necessarily be able to get the answer, but we still have been looking for the answer. There are a number of people, they are to promote, promote their products, promote their own web site. For these people, the ultimate goal is to do the web site

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