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website was hacked, is most likely to lead to our web page is not the first, drop right, included one of the reasons for the decline, is usually black after the site will appear on the website snapshot is not normal, or website released a flood of bad information, included a substantial reduction in the surge included, there is a hanging black chain several cases. So I open these sites to analyze their code, but also with the spider biomimetic robot is simulated in the form of capture, but after trying several websites, has not found any situation is black, so this can be ruled out.

recently love Shanghai more hard work, constantly updated, so as a webmaster we undoubtedly for the site of the chain optimization and inspection Links more diligent, but in the latest check in friendship links found a lot of friends chain there is not in the first situation, the reason why there are so many friendship the link appears such a situation?

is not the first home page of the site is a certain cause, because before the site will appear several times is not in the first case, so in accordance with their own ideas before the system of examination, can try to find the reason.

1, the website was hacked.

We all know that we are

(a) to the home page is a system in the first site inspection

3, frequent replacement of the web server IP. < >

website for cheating lead to search engine drop right, is not the first home page is also frequently appear, so the site is not because of this situation lead to home is not the first? This time think that at several sites in the chain do add more picky, are looking for the weight of the good old station, and the operation will not exist cheating, so this was denied. This time I looked at these sites keywords is not accumulated, the chain recently released is not mass cause large fluctuations, but all have been eleven denied.

2, the website of cheating.

, generally in the weight analysis of a website, the website home page is generally in the first, because the home is undoubtedly the highest weight of the page, so is bound to be in the first, for those not in the first site we don’t usually say to do Links with them, like this www.name2012贵族宝贝 is a new site, so in this piece of more attention, because if a website is not careful to stimulate me, so compared to the old station will be more difficult to restore. So when do Links is extremely critical, friends of the chain site weights are good. But such a phenomenon of menacing, the lead author of the curious what reason, also very afraid, afraid they have implicated website after all. Because I usually love to ponder on these research, so at the same time there are so many friends of the chain are analyzed, what caused this situation.

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