The 7 Shanghai dragon website content to help you optimize the operation process of 28 heavenly home

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In fact,

analysis of website structure and layout is very complex and deep lesson, should have been separately, now give buddies roughly about it. Excellent website structure is very conducive to love Shanghai spider crawling search engine spiders, crawling in your website is not hard, but also do not want to go, this is our legendary "spider", will be alone to explain the structure of the website, don’t worry!

2, website structure and layout analysis

if the site structure is for the spider do Shanghai dragon web content optimization, then the web page layout analysis is Shanghai dragon website content optimization for the user experience and do. Excellent web page layout can be the first time to show the user want the page to the user, the user can reduce the search time, save the search time cost of users to the site, reduce the bounce rate, increase user stickiness on the website.

3, write high quality articles

1, ahead of

just started to write the best is hand an article out, not too.

when the 2 above after your site has completed, regardless of the open source or their own hand writing program has come to an end, the next thing to do is before the last procedure, write high quality articles.

!If you can think of

according to what we should do to decide which words to our industry as the main key words of our website, then I make my own web site is in Taiyuan Shanghai dragon as the main keywords, then according to the analysis of the competition website finally decided to learn the word network website title in Taiyuan Shanghai dragon, then you can program the word layout from the main keywords, and the title of the long tail word mining.

spray in my heart that you see here, not far from success, good, direct access to the theme of it, today we bring the dry cargo from the web site before the online to the line, the operation process optimization of Shanghai dragon website content of a complete set of Shanghai dragon er must do, completely is the experience of writing on their own more than 5 years, fishing must be dry, dry cargo to 7 Shanghai dragon website content to help you optimize the operation process of 28 heavenly home:

Shanghai dragon website optimization work is done in the search engine optimization, and the search engine is completely rely on keywords to exist, so the location of our website keywords is one of the most important (important things to repeat 3 times).


buddies learning network in Taiyuan Shanghai dragon painstaking study for such a long time, I also have some experience of their own website optimization Shanghai dragon, feel suddenly learned Shanghai Longfeng optimization, in fact, some knowledge points of Shanghai dragon website content optimization is not simple, but a need to endure lonely, stand the desire, after the enticement of the "great work"

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