Shanghai dragon should be how to improve the site conversion rate

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1, the content is not good, the bounce rate will be very high, online customer service will not have the chance to guide the guests, so that web content regardless of copy or original content, then it must be around the user needs to build content, what is the user needs of the content? If you don’t understand what the user needs, then another position to consider, if you are a user, what do you go to a website, what is the purpose of looking for what kind of content. Yourself to think in the location of the user, the content in the construction of

, a Shanghai dragon before optimization choose good keywords

two, poor user experience

3, Website Trust, for example, if on the site of a training institution, want to consult in the course of learning.

in the choice of the standard is not to say that the higher the degree of competition and keyword search volume is larger, the more valuable the keywords, but with the enterprise or product related keywords, but the competition degree is not high, so the word has commercial value, is worth doing. If you are a IT training institutions and training courses is java direction, key words should be java training, the java training institutions? Java good job and some key words. For example: a IT training institution, and the training course is a Java direction, it can choose the keywords Java, java training, the java training institutions? Java good job, the first two words of competition is very high, but also need to spend a lot of time and money to achieve the keywords ranking the effect after a keyword, the degree of competition compared to the first two words is much smaller, and the keywords are generally accurate to bring customers do so seems Java keywords commercial value is relatively high.

We is also clear!

2, website structure is not clear, causing users to browse content is very difficult, for example, if you’re on a website, need to browse more pages, take a few minutes to find what you need, you might not how much patience to find, when spend on more than 40 seconds, browse on the 3 page, if not find the information they want, may leave the site.

when we a lot of Shanghai Longfeng ER students usually optimization, will encounter the problem of the conversion, if ranking, low conversion rate, but the significance is not large, so we Shanghai dragon how to balance at the same time the rankings do go up can improve the conversion rate? Low conversion rate in general is mainly reflected in the two a hand, a hand is key reasons, some key words is what we often say that the search volume is high, but the conversion rate is low, some of the keyword search volume is low, but the conversion rate is good. You may choose the wrong words, the second aspect is the user experience of the site investigation, such as the content is not good readability, the site level is not clear, low trust website, online consulting service guide etc..

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