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three: pay attention to the contents of the original

five sword: no difference, as long as you work hard

network is always implement any industry base. A teacher at the Zhu Weikun forum is k a week after yesterday to return to normal, this is a concrete manifestation of the team. See them forum who know for sure, here is the original article. Team what is a concept, is a group with common goals, ideals, beliefs, honest, loyal people combination. Others said, two people of husband and wife, will see their shadows from each other, is a subtle change. The team, like husband and wife, every day with the exchange, communication, whether it is work, and the spirit are condensed into a very strong force.

two stable


four: the sword proved once again that the link is emperor

when you’re done before hard, because a revision would disappear, what is not important, the most important straighten mentality. Good attitude, do anything easy to face, and execution. The more negative emotions, psychological burden is greater, so the human spirit is not concentrated in dealing with the issue, the efficiency is very low. The site was K, one of the important position in mind forever.

sword: a commonplace talk of an old scholar mentality

in the last week, a forum through the revision, add love to adjust Shanghai has been stable, the weight is very high, a lot of keywords ranking good BBS into the site of danger, was K. As a spectator to see free forum is the entire process of K, deep feelings. The concept of just five days to see posted in the forum recovery, although some right down. The true knowledge and understanding of "Six Meridian Swords do website optimization".

in the effective way to let the spider to your site is through the new content, to improve the quality of the new original. Every day when your website is something new, even if your site is down right or spider will come to your website. A week is k, it is easy to see that the efforts of the forum. The forum team are very awesome, they always send each article can see, is to spend their own efforts in finishing their every word. With the recent news, combined with their own practical experience to write the new value of the original article. Do the internal layout.

sword: contacts, team spirit

By this time the sword consistent from beginning to end

forum in K, they continuously update the internal quality of the content. At the same time to do a lot of external links guide. Publish high quality articles in the weight of high places. Listen to the moderator of the forum said, during this week, his talk with a friend, get rid of a lot of friends of the chain. The website for their sake, because a website neighborhood has a great influence on the evaluation of website quality. This can be seen from the initiative, the moderator is a sincere and responsible person.

site is k is used as an optimization and worst evaluation. Even so, in the worst of times, effort is always to bring you the new harvest. Mentality, original, link is the efforts to implement the site was k>

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