How to get into the hair of the chain weight

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first you send the chain, must ensure that the chain of the popularity of the platform is good, or you did not send up basically is not what role to browse. Your article is popular browsing times will be greatly enhanced, the more the better browsing content, then be reproduced or recommended will greatly enhance the probability. There must be made up will be included in Shanghai love. Not included on the site how useful

first, how do the chain can click on the user’s desire

chain channel


in general, topic relevance chain platform theme and your site is stronger, the weight of the chain to produce your host value is also higher. For example, I do is Qiao said Shanghai Longfeng forum, then my chain construction in Shanghai dragon why, 18 push, push, > 28

second, need to pay attention to the chain platform


third, attention


as everyone knows, more and more the pursuit of quality rather than quantity. Once the mass of the chain and machine operation has slowly been love Shanghai search engine recognition, and will therefore not love to punish Shanghai. Plus love Shanghai algorithm constantly updated, the chain construction techniques, rather than. With the crackdown more and love Shanghai foreign chain is strong, is not to say that more and more of the influence of the chain, the chain general impact site weight and ranking still has a decisive role, just outside the chain according to the analysis of the quality of your building. Well, not to say the next forum will give Shanghai dragon Qiao said the chain to introduce how to get into the weight of

At present, the construction of the chain of The

chain without much emphasis on quality. Only the construction of the chain in order to obtain the weight of the chain that how is the quality? As long as people view someone clicks so that the chain even if there is a quality. When the construction of the chain can be deployed through the anchor text or text, anchor text construction is one of the relatively large influence on the site of the chain, because the anchor text can directly transfer the weight; text construction although effect of anchor text no efforts, but also can transfer the weight, but to copy the address people take the initiative to search open will get weight. So when the construction of the chain can use the anchor text to make use of the anchor text, can not use it with pure text links. The construction of the chain or to build it in the quality of the content above, to build a desire to see you can have other content to the user site impulse. For example: a piece of software, the software in the content described above is how powerful, what is the role of. So if the user saw that this software has the function words to her, so she naturally want to download this software, so that when we build the content, leave your site inside the software download address in the content inside. So that the chain is the user to click on the desire to quench their thirst effect.

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