The announcement on the 5A pulse advertising alliance network advertising money matchGG ads appear a

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pulse advertising alliance in July 21st with another alliance released "on the 5A match network advertising alliance promotion fee in arrears more than the joint announcement", after the announcement, 5A attaches great importance to its top speed dating network, quickly to what the details of the understanding of member data and provide network of check pulse. Now find out the reasons for 5A dating network director of alliance advertising staff due to personal accident caused by temporary leave, transfer of personnel can not be real-time verification of all data, delay aging, resulting in the brief misunderstanding. The company executives reported level, 5A dating network chairman Chen immediately made contact with the general manager Mei ripple alliance, in addition to the "honest and law-abiding have repeatedly stated honesty and reasonable enterprise cultural services", and instructed relevant personnel will take over three hours in June the League money fluctuation and kernel payment is completed, also ripple in the next payment, will be issued to each member of the Commission of qualified materials.

finally, in addition to advertising pulsation and close cooperation for 5A processing and matching network chairman Chen, and the issue details to you in the station network, we hope you continue to support five A compatible network, is hereby announced.



GG recently appeared a lot of junk advertising send Q coins or 6 bit advertising, as a webmaster, look at my own website so the same advertising, psychological really uncomfortable, I usually see bad ads are not to his beloved station, did not think of shlf1314 AdWords in Chinese, but some unscrupulous webmaster rape like this, so many crooks are advertising, how to shield shield is not finished, don’t face Adsense fraud information, our webmaster really incapable of action

shlf1314 AdWords can hope review customer advertising, the following is part of the shield or send Q coins to send up to 6 . see: a shield a

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