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Jun Lian capital executive director Shao Zhenxing on twenty-first Century Business Herald reporter, said that with the improvement of people’s living standards, commodity consumption in disposable income share is declining. In the process of upgrading consumption, the user needs upgrade from the product itself, evolving to the upgrading of consumer services. Entertainment is an important part of the upgrading of services, and as a source of entertainment, content investment is therefore of great value." He said.

first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

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capital has been showing an unprecedented preference for video, audio, text and other forms of entrepreneurship.

has an investment opportunity,

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content entrepreneur seems to be the first to break through the capital winter, usher in spring. The view is that this is mainly because the user’s demand for content is growing, which coincides with the trend of consumption upgrades.

cornerstone asset >

newspaper reporter Shen Junhan, Zhao Na, Beijing reported



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How does the

capital invest in content investment? Is there a bubble in the valuation of venture projects? How does content entrepreneurs ensure the continuity of content production and how to ensure the viability of commercial realization?

CPT Capital Partners Wang Weiwei on twenty-first Century economic report said that the business environment is usually the content and channels of dispute, we generally built channels when channel is not perfect, the perfect channel began to look at the content of.

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then the parties in the content of investment capital is how to layout the venture valuations rise process, is there a bubble? How to ensure the feasibility of realization of entrepreneurial content continuity, the content of commercial production, and we should guard against the risk of

March 19th, video from the media "Papi sauce" announced the acquisition of 12 million yuan of financing, the real fund, Ji thinking, light source capital and star map capital jointly participated in the investment. March 18th, the new media video platform, "two more" announced the completion of more than 5000 yuan of A round of financing.


account list is listed below:

, the current channel has been relatively mature, there are WeChat, headlines today, etc., there are several large video sites, so investors will tend to invest in content entrepreneurship projects." He said, for the channel side, the content is also scarce. In March 10th, today’s headlines announced the establishment of a 200 million yuan content investment fund, investing more than 300 new early media projects.


in February 24th, Ma Dong left Iqiyi after the establishment of the company did not media, announced the completion of the A round of financing, meters did not launch the "wonderful said" in the third quarter is also in the hit.

Wang Weiwei also analyzes the road, from the entrepreneur point of view, the threshold of simple content entrepreneurship is not so high. It’s not so difficult for entrepreneurs to study the psychology of their readers and make funny texts and short videos, but the sustainability may be a little bit worse.

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