Novice how to learn the actual operation scheme of Shanghai Longfeng simple guide

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Jian Shanghai Longfeng study and practical summary into 7 steps as follows:

in the process of learning and practice of Shanghai dragon, to avoid the above two cases, it is necessary to understand what’s included Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon understand what needs to be done? A lot of friends in the study and practice after a period of time, is relatively smooth out of his understanding of Shanghai Dragon and the conclusion is that Shanghai dragon station updated articles and release the chain outside the station. We first present the search conditions regardless of user experience optimization, even if the content is king in the chain for the emperor era which is on the Shanghai dragon misunderstanding. The hair of the chain is really only a small part of the Shanghai dragon.

includes the classification of navigation link structure optimization, and regulate the optimization of site URL path, to optimize the weight distribution within the chain set, the amount of key words to describe the layout optimization of the title, nofollow, alt, optimization of the H label; also included on the page layout, the template text processing optimization, optimization of the search engine grab > settings the contents of the

two stand in the perspective of the user needs to do research on the

believes that there are many friends in the process of learning and practice of Shanghai dragon, has experienced two periods of loss and confusion. The blank is just contact Shanghai dragon that don’t fully understand the professional knowledge, I do not know how to learn more do not know how to start to optimize a website; chaos is scattered and disorderly contact many Shanghai Longfeng knowledge, but there is no systematic and logical knowledge into the maze of debris. Here is Hunan Shanghai dragon optimization Jane learn how to talk about your son and the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon combat operations to make a concise and comprehensive guide.

three website internal structure based on the layout and content optimization

competitionStudy on the competition of

familiar with the search engine platform to search optimization concept

is the core of Shanghai Longfeng learning especially in the practice of scientific research, competition to do comprehensive and reasonable equivalent to half of the success. Including the study of demand keywords and long tail theory, the prediction of keyword can bring flow and change, in-depth study of peer competitors, as well as on their own website a comprehensive and detailed diagnostic analysis etc..

The cornerstone of internal optimization and long-term development of

website ranking, if the internal optimization do meticulous, rather than standing on the shoulders of giants. Unfortunately, the Internet really do internal optimization, the site is not in place. In fact, internal optimization is the main content and site structure optimization and layout optimization.

Here the

this is the study and practice of the most basic part of Shanghai dragon, is also a very crucial and must understand the part. Including the understanding of the history and development of the search engine search engine market, understand the search engine has the meaning and purpose and the development trend, understand the working principle and the basic algorithm of search engine, familiar with the search engine and search results display instructions.

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