New Shanghai dragon station at the beginning of how to choose the host

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at this point, the proposed new Shanghai dragon bought before and host communication, some a little bit of professional problems to let others help answer, so it is very easy to know the service quality of the host.

host Technology > program

now hosts according to support program is divided into: ASP type PHP type asp+php host host and versatile host. So in the choice of the host also have to pay attention to their own website program which, before buying consulting host customer service to confirm the host database if there are procedures and requirements. According to it, don’t wait for the program to the space after the discovery of the host is not supported by this program, then is time-consuming and laborious, lose the wife of another soldier.


now some of the more well-known host quality did not have to say, but the price is too high, the cheapest 100M space to 500 yuan. So for those of us not many meters is not very suitable for novice rookie. The only second to choose those relatively cheap, the supplier is also good reputation. Beware of those with low-quality hosts, the author first used the quality is really flattered, light down a few days, then do not know who is good. As the price is not very high, good reputation of the host can be found in the webmaster circle, ask the next station to the birds or elders some active forums to ask, naturally there will be the good reputation of the host. For example: "the host"

is to build their own play small website, or is expected to the station’s traffic will be relatively small, you can consider buying those with flow limited space, the space is so cheap, because all the web space are subject to traffic restrictions, but the speed is very fast, generally speaking, they provide flow it is difficult to use. However, if your website is ready for all the public, or for those who do not limit flow better, you know, your website even stopped only a couple of hours, will cause your ranking and traffic greatly decreased

background control panel function, will make Shanghai Longfeng and web site management easily. Great saving website optimization and management time, the other is not the unspeakable secret.

fourth. That is to choose the good service attitude, comprehensive

fifth, according to their website to buy suitable capacity space size.

third, as far as possible to choose the more host management background function

second, according to the selection and their corresponding host

first. Try to choose credit more trustworthy, users more host

website optimization at the beginning of the first to be optimized is still website host selection efforts, good host can make you late Shanghai Longfeng work more effective, poor host will let you heart gaunt, even on the website of the fight is disastrous. The following are some suggestions to the novice Shanghai Longfeng odd fox host selection, statements of a school for reference only.

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